Yahoo acquired GoPollGo
今天在线网络投票公司 GoPollGo 宣布已被雅虎收购。GoPollGo 是一个在线网络投票平台,用户数已达上百万,目前只有 2 年时间,具体的收购细节还没有公布。
目前 GoPollGo 的服务已经关闭,而考虑到雅虎现在又急需人才助其发力移动领域,帮助整个公司的产品线往移动领域转型,因此雅虎此次收购很可能是冲着人才和技术去的。
这也是雅虎即宣布收购飞行常客的搜索引擎 MileWise 及 Astrid 之后,又一个收购小公司的案例。据雅虎 CEO 梅姐介绍,目前雅虎的在移动端的月活用户已达 3 亿。


GoPollGo Team is Joining Yahoo! Mobile
We are excited to share some big news: We’re joining Yahoo! For two years, we’ve worked incredibly hard to make it as easy as possible to get feedback from friends and followers. It has been so rewarding to build a product that scaled up to millions of people and supported large media properties and diverse brands — all while staying true to promise to deliver fun, engaging, real-time experiences.
We’re so excited to bring the knowledge and experience we’ve gained at GoPollGo to Yahoo!. We share an enthusiasm for building delightful user experiences, and we couldn’t be happier to join forces.
Huge thanks to all our users, partners and customers who helped us realize our vision. As of today, we’ll no longer be supporting GoPollGo’s properties on the site, embeddable widgets or mobile app. If you have any questions or want to get in touch, shoot us an email to
The GoPollGo Team

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