Salesforce acquired clipboard
Salesforce 今天宣布收购社会化书签服务Clipboard,价格在 1000 万到 2000 万美元之间。Clipboard 可以帮你收集网上的各种有趣内容,幻灯片、音频甚至还有在线游戏,这些内容剪裁保存到 Clipboard 后,里面的功能都可以直接使用,呈现形式上同 Pinterest 有相似之处,也有社会化分享的元素。
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Clipboard 此前曾拿到 250 万美元的种子融资,投资方包括 A16Z、CrunchFund 和 SV Angel 等知名风投。虽说现在被收购也是一个不错的结局,但是也反映了当下的“A 轮崩盘”现象,创业公司在寻求新的融资时难度越来越大了。
Clipboard 的五人团队将加入 Salesforce,原来的网站和工具也将关闭,类似的功能将会整合到 Salesforce 的产品中。关闭日期为六月 30 号,在这之前用户可以下载自己的数据。Clipboard 在一份声明中披露现有用户已经近 14 万,称这次收购是“甜蜜的心伤”,你明白的。

It’s Time to Say Goodbye
We have some bittersweet news. We are extremely happy to announce that has signed an agreement to acquire Clipboard, allowing us to pursue our mission of saving and sharing the Web on a much larger scale. But at the same time we’re also sad to see this stage of our adventure come to an end, especially since it means that our relationship with you, our users, will irreversibly change. As a result of this news, the Clipboard service at will be discontinued on June 30, 2013.
But we have your backs. If you want it, all of your data will be preserved into a personal archive from which you can view your clips and boards offline. And if you want your clips destroyed, we can handle that as well. All of the details for what comes next are in the FAQ and some more personal reflections are on our blog.
In nearly two years, 140,000 of you created nearly 3 million clips while over a million of you interacted with them. Thank you for joining us on this journey. We will dearly miss seeing all of you on Clipboard, but we hope you’ll support us in the next leg of our journey.
The Clipboard Team