google play 家庭友好型游戏扶持
谷歌公司昨日公布了一项新计划,称将在Google Play推荐“家庭友好型”应用。对于专注于研发家庭友好型应用的开发者来说,这显然是一次能够带来帮助,有助于提升产品曝光率的政策调整。

与苹果公司年初在App Store新设儿童应用专区相仿,谷歌希望通过推荐家庭友好型应用,帮助家长为自己的孩子寻找合适的游戏和应用。谷歌方面表示,开发者可以申请加入“为家庭设计”的应用计划,而审核通过的应用将有机会在Google Play商城“Designed for Families”专区获得推荐位展示。

最近一段时间以来,Google Play频繁调整政策。在上个月,谷歌开始要求面向Google Play商店开发应用的开发者为应用设定年龄评级,并已安排专职人员审核开发者提交的应用。


Helping developers connect with families on Google Play

Posted by Eunice Kim, Product Manager, Google Play

There are thousands of Android developers creating experiences for families and children — apps and games that broaden the mind and inspire creativity. These developers, like PBS Kids, Tynker and Crayola, carefully tailor their apps to provide high quality, age appropriate content; from optimizing user interface design for children to building interactive features that both educate and entertain.

Google Play is committed to the success of this emerging developer community, so today we’re introducing a new program called Designed for Families, which allows developers to designate their apps and games as family-friendly. Participating apps will be eligible for upcoming family-focused experiences on Google Play that will help parents discover great, age-appropriate content and make more informed choices.

Starting now, developers can opt in their app or game through the Google Play Developer Console. From there, our team will review the submission to verify that it meets the Designed for Families program requirements. In the coming weeks, we’ll be adding new ways to promote family content to users on Google Play — we’ll have more to share on this soon.